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The defense should be able to key in on stopping the rush and the front will be huge in that aspect. They must get more than one player to the ball as Lacy does not get tackled easily.
Wolff has brought the most physicality to the safety position that we’ve seen since Brian Dawkins roamed the secondary. He has steadily improved over the past few weeks and should earn a starting spot. On Sunday, he will be a huge part of playing the run and ensuring that Lacy doesn’t get to the second level.
Billy Davis needs to bring pressure and rattle Wallace. Look for Boykin and Kendricks to get their numbers called in more than one blitz package. They should spend much of the afternoon in the backfield and expect Wallace to be on the ground more than once.
This young crew should keep improving, and if they can put a quality effort on the field this week, they will help solidify a huge win as the Eagles turn the corner to finish the season.





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